2012 Reports

Red River Catfish Reports


January, 15, 2013

2013 is upon us and another holiday season is over. Now it is time to start planning our summer vacations. There are still many great dates available but there has been a lot of inquiry for dates the past couple weeks. Be sure to get the dates you want before they are all snapped up. We start guiding May 15th.


2013 is also the year of great sponsors. This year I will be guiding from a 2012 G3, fishing with a complete set of Blackhorse Custom Rods equiped with reels from Bottom Dwellers Tackle.

December, 3, 2012

It's Christmas shopping time again. Get that hard to buy for catfish guy or gal a gift certificate for a guided catfishing trip on the Red River for 2013. June is starting to have some dates fill with more requests coming every day. Don't miss out.


I would also like to tell you that our new sponsor Cat River Anchors new web site has gone live. www.catriveranchors.com

November, 8, 2012

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about our newest sponsor. Cat River Anchors is the newest addition to Brad Durick Outdoors LLC. Cat River Anchors were designed, tested, and patented by catfish anglers on the Missouri River at Sioux City, Iowa. This 20 pound anchor is built for easy pulling, hard catching in fast current, and if it does get snagged it is designed to pull out backwards. I have tested these anchors myself and they are as good as it gets. Welcome Cat River Anchors.

Cat River Anchors River Anchor

October, 22, 2012

Hello and happy early Halloween. There is a lot going on behind the scenes here at Brad Durick Outdoors LLC. We are working on off season projects such as signing up for this winters sport shows, signing new partners, and even putting years of catfish research together into what I hope is a book or at least a series of very useful articles.

I would also like to invite you to book your 2013 adventure and pick your best dates. If you have a hard to buy for person, how about a gift certificate for a trip in 2013. Until next time have a safe and happy fall.

October, 2, 2012

Well the 2012 catfish season has come to a close. It was another record breaking season in terms of total fish caught and number of trips run in a season. It was another chapter in adapting to river conditions and making the best of what we are delt. It was a great learning opportunity.

I would like to thank everyone one joined me this year for a channel catfishing adventure. Your business and your excitement of getting into a big fish is what makes it all worth while. I hope to see you all again in the years to come and look forward to meeting many new people as well.

Be safe this off season and be sure to get you 2013 dates locked up while they are still available.

September, 12, 2012

WOW is the Red River below the dams low. Both Grand Forks and Drayton below the dams is navigable but super low and require extreme caution for navigation. There are some issues with bigger boats going off the north Grand Forks ramp so be very careful or use a small boat to fish north. Above the dams has plenty of water so boat operation is still good on that front.

The fishing is quite good. Recently we have been battling wind making anchoring much more difficult but there has been good fish being caught to make up for the hassles of anchoring. The best fishing is tight to the snags in 1-4 feet of water in areas of very little current. You have to sit on the spots much longer than I would like (30-40 minutes) but that is what it is taking to draw out the fish. Bait of choice is goldeye but sucker is working also. Be sure to have both if you can.

September, 4, 2012

Well the season is starting to wind up. We have a few trips left to run and a few more openings just waiting for someone to book them. The water temps are dropping now as September nights take hold making fishing a bit slower but as things settle down the urgency to eat will kick in and things will heat back up. The river is now as low as I have seen it. Thank god for the my G3 Tunnel boat which is allowing me to continue getting to my hot spots throught the shallow water.

Right now fresh sucker is the bait, the fish are holding shallow and seem to still be moving at low light but as things continue to cool off that will change to a day bite to try and warm up under the sun.

As 2012 winds down now is a great time to ensure you get the dates you want and guarantee the rates for 2013. Just $100 deposit holds your dates for next year. Right now is basically pick your days but that won't last long.

August, 21, 2012

The fall bite is just getting started. Over the past couple weeks we were hit by two major cold fronts putting some fall in the air and really raising heck with the catfish but now we are in an extended warm up and that only means one thing. HUNGRY CATFISH! Fish have been holding tight to structure as of late and made the change from goldeyes as the preferred bait to fresh goldeye which is usually a fall transition.

The water below our dams is very low so if you are on your own be very careful and exercise extreme caution when running.

I would also like to take this opportunity to officially put my guide boat up for sale (October 1) This is a 2012 G3 1966 CCT DLX Jon with a 115, and a custom bunk trailer. It also comes with a custom cover and six Drift Master Rod holders. The boat books at over $25,000 and I am asking $19,700 FIRM. Someone is going to steal this great boat. If you are interested call 701-739-5808 or email me at braddurick@gmail.com


2012 G3 Boat for Sale

August, 7, 2012

Here we are 3/5 the way done with the season. The past week was another outstanding one with many big fish coming in. Be sure to see out updated photo page. We have had a cool down the past few days which is slowing the fish some but more importantly it is bringing some much needed rain to the river and the fish. Once the weather settles out it will be the beginning of the fall feed. All indicators are pointing to a great late summer/fall bite.

Right now the pattern is wood piles near faster water or small holes near faster water. Bait is changing by the day from sucker to goldeye to frog so bring all three when you head out. Stay on the move and keep the bait fresh and good things will happen.

I still have room for about 10 more trips this season so be sure to get your date on the calendar soon. Some prime fishing is ahead and I will do whatever I can to make sure anyone who wants to fish with us gets in. Call today 701-739-5808 or email- braddurick@gmail.com

July, 31, 2012

We have moved into summer pattern and the fish are cooperating. Numbers remain good with some great fish mixed in. We have been back to fishing fast water and some smaller holes. Frozen sucker has been magic for the past two weeks with the warm water.

We have two good months of catfishing left for 2012 and many great openings to take advantage of. 2012 will be in the record books for sure. Don't miss out on your opportunity.

July, 15, 2012

Catfishing is simply awesome these days. The spawn is over and the hot tempratures have kicked the catfish into high gear. Fish are coming on just about any bait you can imagine but I am still sticking to suckers and goldeyes. If you can find faster water it seems to be holding fish a bit better than other areas but not the be all end all of spots.

A funny story from last Thursday. We were wrapping up our evening and a client had a fish on. (no surprise) I netted the fish set in on the floor of the boat and saw a flash then thump. A 29" lake sturgeon had just jumped into my boat. How cool is that. We had a great trip that night but is was all wiped out by that one sturgeon.

I told the story to my friend Brad Dokken from the Grand Forks Herald and he added it to his official blog.

Brad Dokken Blog- Sturgeon Jumps in Boat

July, 8, 2012

Summer is here and the catfish are biting! The last couple weeks of hot temperatures wrapped up the spawn and has the fish looking to bulk up. The Grand Forks area is turning good numbers again with fish coming in faster water near structure during the day and on the flats at night. Sucker is the bait but shrimp and frog are working too.

Drayton is still rockin with good numbers of fish that mean business. They have moved out of the dam area somewhat some some searching is in order to stay on em. Just putting out good bait is the key there.

We still have great dates open for August and September when the fish really start going wild so don't hesitate to make your reservations before they are all gone.

June, 27, 2012

Recent stable weather, heat and some fresh water is finally starting to turn the catfishing around in the Grand Forks area.  The catfish are showing up in faster water near breaks, in deeper holes and tight in snags.  Bigger fish are still lacking a bit but the increased action says will be around any day.  Sucker is hands down the bait of choice this week. (I tried everything)  Again, the key is stay on the move and try different areas and different structure to make things happen.  The spawn is nearly finished and we should have a fairly normal summer pattern from here on out.

Again this week Drayton continues to be great. Simply fish holes or break lines near current. Sucker is the bait of choice and frogs are a close second. For the better part of a month most of the full day trips have been heading north to Drayton and paying big dividends.

We have tons of great dates available for the 2012 season so don't hesitate to get yours and get in on some fantastic channel cat fishing on the Red River of the North.

June, 11, 2012

It appears that the spawn in on in the Grand Forks area over the past week. We are seeing good numbers of fish but not seeing a lot of big fish. Right now we are fishing our tails off catching fish and looking for the big fish. Suckers and shimp have been good baits and staying on the move is the key. A few more hot days and good things will happen in the Grand Forks area of the Red River.

That being said, I have been fishing the Drayton area quite a bit and all I can say is WOW. Pretty much every boat record is being smashed in terms of fishing. The fish to the north are still making that last feeding gorge before they head off to spawn. We are getting great numbers of quality fish with a few real pigs mixed in. I'm not sure how long this bite will last but it sure has been rewarding for our customers.

June, 3, 2012

Catfishing on the Red River is actually pretty good considering the goofy weather of the past week. We are getting good numbers of catfish with a few trophies mixed in every day. Suckers are the great bait but we have noticed that bigger fish are leaning to goldeyes. Besides catfish we are seeing decent numbers of walleyes and pike mixed in on our cat lines. This is an added bonus to a good day of catfishing.

The Drayton stretch of river has been how could I say it "ON FIRE!" The prespawn has been just tearing it up around the Drayton area, especially in the tailrace area. Good times by all. (Just a reminder that we do offer day trips to Drayton also,)

There are many great dates available yet for the 2012 season, especially in July and August. There should be more great catfishing ahead so be sure to get your dates booked now.

May, 23, 2012

Fishing continues. We are on fish right now while many around the area are not. This year like many Mother Nature has thrown us a curve and we are dealing with it very well. It turns out that simply working hard and moving as much as needed pays of for putting fish in the boat. We still have many openings for this year. Be sure to check out our updated photos page to see the proof. 2012 Red River Catfish Photo Page

May, 19, 2012

We are nearing the spawn and the fish are showing it this week. We had a hiccup on Friday with a huge front push but Saturday we were game on again. The fish have been riding a pattern of deep fast water but this past couple days seem to be on the feed and running ridges and faster current lines with depth not really being a factor. It has been a super May so far. In fact at this point last year we were still not even able to launch the boats. We have many trips available still for mid June and the rest of the summer but the phone is ringing and with good fishing they might fill fast. Many new photos will be added next week.

May, 11, 2012

The river is still about perfect in terms of level. We are working hard and catching some nice fish. We are fishing deep channel cuts with some faster currents pushing in. The key is staying on the move and putting a lot of bait out. Some stable weather and a warmup we will see another uptick in action. It is going to be a great prespawn bite.

May, 6, 2012

Man what a week it has been. The weather was simply awesome and the catfish were feeling great. We kicked into the guiding season on Wednesday with good number and went right on into Thursday with more of the same. From one day to the next it was clear the bigger fish were starting to move. By Friday evening the numbers had dropped off a bit but the average size of the fish more than made up for it.

It appears that the amazing water clarity is affecting the bite a bit. The fish normally run the break lines this time of year but the pattern appears to be that they run in the morning and evening and head for the deep water to feed and relax during the day. Not an issue we found the fish at the heads of deep holes with fast current running in. Great fishing had and more great fishing to come. We still have some prime dates available get yours today.

Be sure to check back often as new 2012 photos make their way to the web site.

April, 25, 2012

The water temps have finally reached the magic number and the catfishing is finally picking up. We are now catching good numbers of fish with some bigger fish starting to show up. Fishing the fast water is not quite there yet but the fish are really starting to run the tip shelf near the faster water. We have short cold snap coming the next few days then another warm up to push us to summer. It is all coming together. Book your trip today.

Brad Dokken big 2012 Red River Channel cat


April, 15, 2012

Yet another cold snap has the water temperatures about where they were last week. The fishing is improving even with the cooler water temperatures. Fish are showing up along the break lines or deep in the shallow wood piles. It doesn't seem to matter what bait we use if they want it they will take it. It looks like another cooler week is ahead so things will stay a little slower than we would like.

Water levels are good so when the water picks up just a few more degrees the fishing success will mulitply quickly. This past week we picked up, rigged up and had the maiden voyage of the 2012 G3 Jon Boat.

We still have some prime times left for May and June so get your trip booked soon to get in on the great pre-spawn bite.

2012 G3 1966 CCT DLX

April, 4, 2012

The river is about perfect and the water is warming up. I ran a scout run last night to check things out and the fish are going to turn on any day now and when they do it will be game on. The new 2012 G3 will arrive this weekend and be rigged early next week so we will be ready to fish by next weekend for sure. Things are moving fast and there is some great catfishing about to happen. The new T-Shirts arrived today and I will have photos posted with purchase details soon.

March, 25, 2012

The ice is out and it is only a matter of days before the catfish are chomping. River condtions are perfect and with a little more sun it will be full steam ahead. I will be starting the guideing season April 13th which is a record opening date by nearly a month. With the season extended so early there is now many great dates available. Call soon to get the prime dates that available. 701-739-5808

March, 11, 2012

Its mid-March and the season is starting to really come together already. I just got back from Omaha a couple weeks ago. Catfish University was a success this weekend and next weekend I will be in Williston at their sport show talking catfishing with seminars each day.

It is clear that we will be getting an early start to the catfishing season this year. I still have some good dates available for the early season and some prime time dates left in June July and August as well. Book your trip soon so you get the desired dates.

February, 19, 2012

We are already half way through February and winter really has not yet arrived. All this nice weather has me in the fishing mood. It also has put any flooding scare to bed for the season. As of right now I'm planning to start the guiding season May 11 but that could be moved up yet again if winter doesn't arrive in the next six weeks.

This coming weekend, February 24-26 I will be in Omaha at the Sport, Boat, and Travel Show. If you are in the area stop by and say hello. I am also hosting Catfish University in Fargo, ND March 10th. This is an all inclusive how to catch Red River Catfish. It is 3-4 hours of catfish learning and inspiration. Cost is $40 per person and you must RSVP as space is limited.

Book your trip soon to make sure you get your Catfishing Adventure on the calendar and get rested up for the excitment of pulling out a huge Red River Catfish.

January, 29, 2012

It was -8 this morning here in Red River country. We have had a really easy winter so far and with the lack of snow it looks like we will actually get to fish the month of May this year. I am confident enough in that prediction that I moved opening day up to May 10th.

I have been booking trips for 2012 for a couple months now and see that some prime times are starting to fill up already. I am expecting another fantastic year so make sure to get your dates booked early to ensure you get in.

Some upcoming appearances are February 15th "Catching Catfish" seminar in Grand Forks, February 24-26, Omaha Boat Sport and Travel Show in Omaha, Nebraska. March 10th will be Catfish University at the Settle Inn in Fargo, North Dakota. March 16-18 I will be in Williston, North Dakota at their sport show for "Catching Catfish" seminars.

I would also like to make note that if you fish with me in 2012 you will be riding in a brand new G3 1966 CCT Jon Boat rigged with new Drift Master Rod Holders. Some other cool additions are currently in the works as well.

Call soon to book your adventure for 2012. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

January, 9, 2012

Here we are in 2012. Even though we are five months from the first catfish trip of the season there are a lot of things going on. My media endevours from last year are beginning to show up, new web updates, and of course just planning and getting ready for the upcoming guiding season. This upcoming year proves to be the best yet. Not only are bookings coming in on an almost daily basis but I have a brand new G3 Jon Boat, equipped with a full set of Drift Master Rod Holders, Humminbird electronics, and all the other toys to make a day in the Red River special. Call now to have your best choices of fishing dates. Bring on 2012.


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