2015 Reports

Red River Catfish Reports


December,3, 2015

I am so sorry for the long long delay in reports. I was into the beginning of the fall bit and the web site editing computer crashed. Not having the time to try to fix it or get another computer set up reports and photos just went by the wayside.

The end of the 2015 season was nothing short of amazing. The catfish cooperated and and it was a late fall so we got an additional three weeks of catfishing season. I was even able to find a new pattern for the Red River during this time.

All in all 2015 was a great season. So many of you came and enjoyed the Red River. There were many new friends made, new personal bests caught and memories. We broke all but two boat records this year. The one that really stands out is that we landed over 7 tons (14,000 pounds) of channel cats in 2015.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to fishing with you in 2016.

August,24, 2015

Here we are heading into the fall bite. A major story system rolled through over the weekend and gave us a fresh drink of water. The temps are down and it appears to be triggering the fall bite to get started. We have lots of big fish in the system right now and no reason to think it is not going to get better and better in the weeks to come. Right now frogs and suckers are the best bait and the cats are a bit off current until things warm up a bit more over the next few days. We have many openings for the rest of the season and what appears could be some of the best fishing of the season. Book now to get in on the action.

August, 5, 2015

Fishing remains very good here on the Red. The fish are feeding and looking really good right now. Summer pattern is in full swing so we are finding the fish to be spread out some. The best areas are heads of holes or deeper water near structure. The best baits are frogs and suckers. The prefered bait varies day by day.

I am now booked out until the week of August 17th. We are beginning to wind down the season but have the entire months of August and September ahead of us. There are still many openings available down the stretch.

July, 25, 2015

Sorry for the delay. Fishing has been good and computer time is at a minimum. The catfish are settling into their summer patterns nicely. Fish are feeding good after the spawn and bigger fish are coming in with more regularity. Goldeye had been the best bait but now the fish are switching back to sucker the end of the week. The best spots have been head of holes or drop offs on outside bends.

Summer seems to be quickly passing. I have many openings starting August 10th and we run through September so there are still many opportunities to catch catfish on the Red.

July, 17, 2015

The spawn is over and the catfishing are back to great. Fish are mostly hanging in the deeper faster water. There is a noticable morning/evening bite but fish can be caught all day. Goldeye is the bait of choice for sure but suckers and frogs are working too. It has been best to sit on a spot 20-30 minutes. We have lots of prime August openings beginning the week of the 10th. Call 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

July, 2, 2015

The spawn is coming to an end. We are seeing more feeding post spawn fish each and every day. Bigger fish are starting to show up too. They are running deeper current seams or heads of deeper holes. This week the bait preferrence shifted to goldeye but suckers and other thing still work. We have some dates open starting July 14th and August has many prime dates open for what appears to be a heck of a summer run. For now we are taking some time off for the 4th of July holiday.

June, 24, 2015

The catfish spawn continues on the Red River making everything a bit more challenging.  The good news is some post spawn fish are starting to show up.  The key to catching fish is work the shallows along the cutbanks and structure looking for nesting fish and along the current edges looking for active fish.  Stay on the move give each spots a solid 20-25 minutes before moving.  All baits are working but better strikes are still coming on cut sucker. I still have some July dates available and many during the prime summer bite of August.

June, 17, 2015

Sorry for the long delay in new reports.. Been very busy on the water. So unlike the last few reports times have changed. The spawn is on and fishing is tough. The pattern right now is fish spots looking for active fish and hope something bites. The faster water seems to be working well in the morning and evening but during the day it is a crap shoot as to where you find active fish. It seems that a 20 minute sit putting baits tight in wood or along the cut banks or just off the drop to deeper water. Sucker has been the bait of choice by far. Goldeye simply is not consistent. I have still been on good fish and next week should be able to get the new photos posted. For more current photos find us on Facebook.

June, 5, 2015

Not much has changed since the last report other than the water is rising again. It is not to the point of unfishable but there is a lot of junk floating and leaves and grass in the water. The key to catching fish is find an area of current on a drop off with less flotsam in the water. Keep on the move and good things will happen. Good luck and be safe. I will be out there the next four days.

June, 1, 2015

Fishing nearing the level of stupid good. We are on a bite that happens in the Grand Forks area for about a week every three years. Good numbers of fish and big fish mixed in. Pre spawn is in full swing with water temps in the low 60s. The best patterns have been right in the fast water near the break lines. Sucker for bait but other things will work. 20 minute sits on a spot without a fish move. If you get three fish from a spot move. I have many open dates in June still so if you are hoping to get in call or email soon to ensure you can get in.

May, 25, 2015

My prediction was right. The bite slowed to a crawl with a few big fish to be had and not much else. Each day the bite got a little better and over the weekend the switch was turned on for good numbers and manyh big fish. The pattern has been secondary break line on the outside bends or some sort of drop off to a hole. Stay on a spot 20 minutes and move on if you are not on fish. Sucker was my bait of choice but I heard good reports on frogs is you can find them. I expect the stable weather will keep the bite hot for the weeks to come. Call or email to book your trip soon.

May, 18, 2015

What a difference a week makes. Big rains over the weekend and our water issues are over. The river is up a few feet and still on the rise. We lost the ramp in Drayton that we use this morning so will keep an eye on that and will report when it opens. Grand Forks is all good so business as usual here. As of yesteday the fishing was great. Today will be a little slow down due to temps but the forecast is looking great going into the weekend and beyond. This fresh drink of water and rising temps will kick things into high gear over the next few days. Sucker and goldeye remain the best baits. Lots of openings available beginning May 28th.

May, 13, 2015

The bite remains awesome with many trophy fish coming in. We have had a huge cool down with some rain over the past days and the water temps have fallen a lot but the need to feed remains. The rain is very welcomed to help the low water situation. The good news is this cool off is extending the pre spawn bite a few weeks longer. Best baits have been fresh cut sucker or goldeye. The best locations have been outside bends along the drop offs. The faster current areas seem to be the best areas. We still have lots of dates available beginning after Memorial Weekend. To book your adventure call 701-739-5808 or email braddurick@gmail.com

I would also like to share a great article written by my friend and Grand Forks Herald Outdoor Editor Brad Dokken that ran last Sunday in the Herald. This tells a great story of how the fishing has been the past couple weeks. Grand Forks Herald Article

May, 6, 2015

The prespawn bite is spectacular. We are catching fish in every section of river that we fish. Water temps in the low to mid 60s right now. The pattern has been fishing the heads of holes or near structure with a good current near it. Lower currents and clear water have allowed the fish to feed in the mid river areas. Cut sucker is the bait of choice. Stay on the move to keep finding active catfish and you will be rewarded.

We still have lots of open dates, expecially mid-week. Call or email to take advantage of this great bite.

April, 30, 2015

GAME ON! The time has arrived. The water temp is in the mid-50s, the weather is nice and the catfish are hungry and the bite is getting better each day. The catfish are running the breaks on the softer side of the current and hugging the structure. This will change some over the next few days as they move to the faster side of the current to hunt hard. Fresh cut sucker is the bait. The river below the dams is really shallow but very navigable. Just be careful and have fun.

We still have many openings in May and beyond so be sure to book your tropy trip soon to get the best choices. 701-739-5808

April, 23, 2015

It's happening. The 2015 catfish season is on. We had a recent cold front that slowed things a bit this week but the fish ARE biting. Next week's forecast looks amazing so it will only get better. Fresh cut sucker and a slow presentation are the answer. We are officially open for business starting next week. We have many great dates available in 2015 so call to get yours. Call or email to schedule your trophy hunt. 701-739-5808 braddurick@gmail.com

April, 15, 2015

A lot has happened over the past two weeks. The river is open and water temps are already around 50. Already hearing about some big cats being caught even. I pick up the boat this weekend and will start scouting for myself early next week. The river is low but still fishable. With all the big fish in the system it it shaping up for an early and great pre spawn bite. I will start guiding May 1 so if you want some May pre spawn give us a call.

REMINDER: The last of the three Scheels Catfish Universities is at Scheels in Fargo May 2nd. Call Scheels to reserve your seat. This will be a new one as it will contain realtime patterns from the Red River.

March, 31, 2015

Not much new to report at this time other than the phone has started to ring and some dates are being booked for 2015. It still looks like a May 1 start for the season. I have many dates still available including a lot of weekends including Memorial Weekend at this time. Call now to get your spot reserved.

The last Catfish University will be at Scheels in Fargo, ND May 2. This is an everything covered event so if you are a beginner or catfish veteran there will be something for you. Call Scheels in Fargo to register.

March, 12, 2015

It appears that spring has sprung and it looks like no flooding to get in the way of an early start. Of course water temp is the real dictator but it looks like we will get a May 1 start this year. We have many prime dates available for the upcoming season so start planning your trip soon.

Our knife sponsor Dexter is offering an awesome deal on awesome knives through April. Simply go to www.dexter1818.com, make your purchase and use the code: GoFish at checkout to receive 20% off your order.

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February, 23, 2015

So we already find ourselves going into March. Things are really start to break loose with shows and seminars kicking into high gear over the next couple weeks. With that dates will be booking quickly and already have over the past couple weeks. We still have tons of dates open and many weekends available still so get yours soon.

This weekend I will be at the Grand Forks Mens Show. Stop in to check out the show discount and talk catfishing. The following weekend Catfish Unviversity will be on the road March 7th in Sioux City, Iowa and March 8th in Omaha, Nebraska. Cost is $50 for this all day event. To register contact your local Scheels Store or http://www.scheelscommunity.com/events/ to find the University near you.

February, 3, 2015

Here is a winter update. We are having no winter this year. Very little snow on the ground and we are praying daily for some snow to get some water in the river. I am sure it will happen, it always does. Even so it is shaping up to be an early year. It might be time to start thinking about getting on the calendar for 2015 to take advantage of the bite that is in store. 2014 was a banner year with many huge fish in the system. Make sure to be part of it.

January, 14, 2015

Here we are at our first report of 2015. Well it is more of an announcment. We are so happy to be part of the new catfish tournament on the Red River at Grand Forks. The Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament to be held June 27/28, 2015. This will be a dog eat dog contest with lots of opportunities to win good payouts, but one lucky team could take home as much as $5,000 if they clear the table.

For more information or to enter this tournament log onto www.boundarybattle.com


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