2010 Reports

Red River Catfish Reports


November 28, 2010

Nothing new in the catfish department other than getting ready for 2011. We are makeing many appearances at sport shows in 2011. Check out the Appearances Page to find out where and when.

With the holidays right around the corner a gift certificate for catfishing in 2011 seems like the perfect gift. Call or email for your gift certificate today.

November 27. 2010

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September 12, 2010

The weather of the past week has not been great for river conditions. Rains and cool temps are going to be slowing the fall bite a bit earlier than expected. That being said September 19th will be our last day on the water for the season. We still have a couple openings this week for a last go of the year. I would like to thank all of you who came to fish with us this season and would like to invite any of you to get in early for a 2011 adventure on the Red River of the North. Dates are already filling.

Fishing this past week was not bad. We had our worst outing of the season and followed it up the next day with the best outting. The fish are moving into the fast water on the fall feed but sluggish in some cases due to the rising water and the fast cooling water. Sucker and frog is the baits of choice.

September 6, 2010

The fall bite is on. We are back in the spring fast water haunts catching some bigger fish. The good news is that bite is back to suckers and not a moment to soon as goldeyes have gotten hard to come by. The bite takes a bit longer in each spot. The fish seem to need 10 minutes to smell the bait and come looking so stay in about 30 minutes before moving along.

We are still taking trips through the 26th so it is not to late to get in for a 2010 catfish excursion. If you can't fit in this fall it is not to early to start planning 2011. If 11 is like this year we will be super busy and we want to make sure everyone gets to play.

August 18, 2010

Catfishing around Grand Forks is really pretty good this week. Best bite has been tight in the wood along the shores in 8-12 feet of water. Just upstream of root balls have been producing the best numbers of fish but on the small side. Larger fish are coming on the deeper holes along side or behind the snags. Other area that are producing bigger fish are mid-river troughs and smaller mid-river holes Cut frozen sucker has been the best bait for fishing in the wood piles while goldeye is outproducing everything for bigger fish.

The Drayton stretch of river has not been fast and furious in terms of numbers but the average size is outstanding. Fish the deeper holes and troughs. Take extra time to find the deepest part of the hole with your electronics. Usually one or two fish per spot and time to move. Make sure to give each spot 20-25 minutes before pulling up. Best baits have been goldeye hands down with fresh cut sucker next. Frog is working but the fish tend to be smaller.
We have decided that September 26th with be our last day of catfishing for 2010 but we have lots of great dates available to catch these beasts. The fall feed is just getting underway so take advantage.

August 11, 2010

Sorry for the delay in fishing reports the past few weeks. We have been very busy on the water and the good news to that is fishing is as good as it has been all year and seems to just keep getting better. We are starting to run into more big fish and seeing much more aggression than we have the past couple months making for some great fights. Goldeye has been the clear bait choice with frogs in second but don't leave home without some suckers in the cooler just in case.
We just had a huge cancellation for the weekend of August 22 and 23. It would be a great time to get in on some of the remaining season left up here on the Red River.

July 20, 2010

Reports of great summer catfishing are coming in from every part of the Red River. We are seeing some nice fishing here in Grand Forks, Capt. John is seeing great fishing in the Fargo/Moorhead area and it only looks to get better. The fish are still relating to current and some snags but have shown that they are moving into mid river holes and troughs also. That is a move that will ensure a good end to the season. Best baits are sucker, goldeye, shrimp and starting to hear of reports coming on frogs but we have not tried them yet ourselves.

July 12, 2010

The week of hot weather and stable water was just what the doctor ordered.  We are in the post spawn for sure.  Fishing is pretty darn good for this time of year.  We are catching numbers of fish with lots of little ones mixed in and the occasional big fish mixed in.  This is a typical post spawn bite as the fish are moving around finding a home for the summer.  With the weather staying somewhat stable fishing will only get better from here.

The best way to catch cats right now is look for the cuts and holes with faster water running in. A big snag with a deep hole near it also is a good place to look.  Find a place to fish and keep some fresh sucker on and you are in business. Stay on the move and keep the bait fresh.  We have a few week day trips left in July and many great days for August which looks like it may be the prime of the season.  Call for details.

July 6, 2010

Who would have guessed that we could get a week off guiding and be able to get out and fish some Devils Lake walleyes for the long weekend.  After a nice break we are back in the saddle.  We are on the front end of a hard stretch of trips.  The sun has been hot and the river levels have finally been stable.  Been hearing some great reports all up and down the valley.  Captain John has been on fish all week so things are really heating up.  The best bites are coming on fresh cut sucker.  Anchor above snags and get right in them.  Faster water seems to be helping hold bigger fish but they are pretty much everywhere just waiting to eat.

We have a handful of openings available in the short term and some prime dates open leading into the annual Cats Incredible Catfish Tournament in East Grand Forks, MN.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to see why we call the Red River America's Finest Channel Catfish Experience.

June 26, 2010

Sorry for not keeping up we have not been fishing a bunch the past couple weeks due to the spawn and severe weather but we are back in the saddle now.

Fishing this whole summer has been hit and miss so far.  Unsettled weather over the whole Northern Plains has raised havoc with river levels, temps, and the fish.  Things have finally stabilized the past week and the fish are finally coming around.  The best fishing is on the outside edge of snags where near a deeper cut or hole. Larger chunks of sucker or heads are the key. Get some bait into the snag, make sure to put one tight on the outside and if you have any legal lines left get one off the drop off into the hole. Fish fast and keep the bait fresh. It looks like it is finally about to break loose.

Congratulations to Adam Finzen for landing a 19 pounder today to crush is personal best by about 15 pounds.

The forecast for next week says hot and stable which tells me things will kick back into high gear soon.  We have lots of availability left for the summer but weekends are filling fast.  Be sure to book your adventure today.  701-739-5808

June 12, 2010

We are fishing hard against some really tough conditions and are getting our fish but earning each and every one.  After trying everywhere we can think of to put fish in the boat the solution is to stay aggressive and on the move.  We have been fishing fast water breaks and snags near deep water.  Last week goldeye was the ticket and this week it went back to suckers.  

I suspect with the river finally leveling off and predicted warm weather this next week things will kick back into high gear. Below is Brent Fry who looks really happy to be holding his first catfish.  A healthy 29-inch.

June 3, 2010

The Red in Grand Forks is open and the ramps are cleaned off.  It is still falling but we are back fishing. Capt. Kent and I are running 6 trips over the next four days.  We will report back soon.

May 30, 2010

The National Weather Service has updated the Grand Forks flood situation and we will indeed be back in business June 4th.  When we first get in wie will be fishing falling water patterns of snags and spots out of the main current for a couple days before getting aggressive.  Great things are about to happen on the Mighty Red in Grand Forks.  

Further south in Fargo/Moorhead, Captain John is really turning it on.  Unaffected by this flood event he has been putting up big numbers of fish and boating some big fish to boot.  

We have many great dates still available in June beginning June 10th and still have some prime dates through the rest of the summer.  For more information email Captain Brad at braddurick@gmail.com or call 701-739-5808.

May 27, 2010

The fishing on the Red has been tough but steady for those of us who know how to fish it.  Our customers are getting their fish but we are earning each and every one.  Some big fish have been coming and things will only pick up as the season goes on.

That being said the Red Lake River in Minnesota that empties into the Red at downtown Grand Forks is flooding this weekend.  It looks like we will be back in business by the 4th of June here in Grand Forks.  To be safe we are not taking new bookings until June 12th for Grand Forks but Capt. John in Moorhead says it is business as usual to the South. 

We still have a whole summer of great fishing ahead.  Be sure go get your dates picked early as we are filling up fast.

May 12, 2010

This rain and cold front have really slowed down the bite this week. I think it put the progression of the season back about 2 weeks.  Right now we are fishing as close to the shore as we can get and trying to stay out of the main current. We are seeing fish on the fast side of the breaks but most are small. Bigger fish are coming off the shallow break just out of the fast water in 3-6 feet. They are really biting sluggish and require some extra time. Fresh sucker is the key to success and trying different spots to get a firm handle on the bite.

With warm weather in the forecast and no rain things will straighten out early to mid part of next week.  Then hang onto the fishing pole.  Another great catfish season awaits!

May 5, 2010

The weather is cooling things of literally.  Water temps have fallen and it has been down right freezing out on the water.  Once the snowsuit is on it is pretty clear the fish are biting.  We have been working the fast water hard and pulling up some really nice fish along the way.  There is some warm weather in next weeks forcast so things should be picking up again soon.  We have many great May dates left so make sure you get yours.

April 29, 2010

The famous Red River of the North channel catfish are biting.  The fish are beginning the annual spring frenzy and the big spring bite is only a few days away.  Cats are coming on the fast side of the break lines. It is taking  a fair amount of weight to stick in the strike zone.   Goldeye seems to be the bait of choice but sucker caught the biggest fish on Wednesday.  It is all ready to go.  Now is the time to make sure you get in on the action.

April 24, 2010

The Red River is perfect and open for business.  We are just getting the finishing touches together to start fishing this weekend.  With the river ready this early we were caught off guard and have many prime dates available in May with some of the best fishing of the season just a couple weeks aways.  To book your channel catfish adventure braddurick@gmail.com or call 701-739-5808.

April 9, 2010

What a gorgeous spring.  River levels are falling right on track.  Grand Forks should get below flood stage about next Friday meaning we will be fishing by the next weekend.  That puts our prespawn bite in early May.  I suspect the weekend that falls on the the 8th and 9th and the weekend after that will be outstanding.  We have all of those dates available for all three or our guides due to flood planning.  Book now and you could see some of the best catfishing of your life.  

Last week I found out I am named one of Outdoor Life's Top 55 Fishing Destinations.  Quite and honor.  (April 2010 issue, on newsstands now.)

March 31, 2010

 It is the last day of March and we are already thinking it will only be a couple weeks before we get to start catfishing.  The Red is falling and warming fast.  It looks as if we could be guiding as early as the first week of May now giving us an entire month extra of fishing from last year.  I would like to thank all those who attented Catfish University in Fargo over the past couple weeks.  I hope it was worth your while.

I have an aricle published in the April fishing issue of Dakota Country Magazine.  It is all about fishing catfish in fast water all season long.  Check it out.  You can find it at most news stands across the Dakotas.

The Red River is perfect and open for business.  We are just getting the finishing touches together to start fishing this weekend.  With the river ready this early we were caught off guard and have many prime dates available in May with some of the best fishing of the season just a couple weeks aways.  To book your channel catfish adventure braddurick@gmail.com or call 701-739-5808.

March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung and we are already into the flood season about a month early.  Today the National Weather Service lowered the crest prediction to 47 feet early next week.  On Friday we opened up two more weeks putting our start date back to May 14th.  With that being said we have lots of great dates available for the pre-spawn bite.

A fabulous season of catfishing awaits here on the Red River.  Make sure you get the best dates.

February 7, 2010

It is the middle of the winter but catfish enthusiasm is heating up.  The phone is ringing and dates are starting to get into play.  To book the best fishing dates be sure to get in early as it is going to be a banner catfishing year.   We are looking at some potential holdups due to flooding once again this year but that means more and bigger fish typically.  It looks like 2009 may have a repeat in terms of great fishing.  

Captain Brad is scheduled to be at the Omaha Sport, Boat, and Travel show in Omaha, NB and the Fargo Sportsman's Show in Fargo, ND.  

January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!!  Now that we are through the holidays and into the mid winter deep freeze it is time to start planning your summer trips.  Get your trophy catfish trip booked early so you get the best dates in 2010.  Channel cat fishing on the Red River of North Dakota and Minnesota is going to be outstanding again. We look foreward to hearing from you.



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