2012 Photos- Click to enlarge

Memories that Last Forever

Photos are one of the greatest ways to remember a great day on the water. It is also the key to protecting the fish we all love to catch so much. Always practice CPR


North Dakota fishing guide with Kritzberger Reed Kritzberger with a great catfishing Cole Kritzberger with Olso catfish guide Kim Fundingsland from the Minot Daily News
Josh Childress and Brad Archer Brad Archer with Capt Brad Josh Childress- Minnesota Catfish Guide America's Finest Channel Cat Fishing
Josh with an awesome Grand Forks CAtfish Mike with a legendary catfish 93 years old- Joe with the new boat age record Isaac and John
What a legendary catfish Pat Jund with a nice 15 pound Red River channel cat Darry and Deb with a 19 pounder Deb with a great 15 pounder
Rod Hurley with a personal best 21 Bill Hurley with a personal best 22 Hurley Triple at Drayton, ND Craig with a beautiful Drayton catfish guide
Bob Glassman and Brad Dokken Steve and Michael Wright Dave from IN-Fisherman a 28 inch walleye accident
Mike Wright with a red river channel catfish, legendary Micheal Wright personal best 18 pound channel catfish Father/Son Double Tammy Leeper
sharon with a beautiful Drayton channel catfish Rob Erickson with one of his personal best channels Sharon and Rob with one of many triples Rob taking Sharon's photo
Scott Eyman Tom Eyman Jane Finney- Drayton Catfish guide Rob Neumann- In-Fisherman catfishing
Red River of the North- Drayton North Dakota Minnesota Channel Catfish Triple channel catfish Freshwater Drum
Triple from Omaha, Nebraska Another double with Red River CAtfish guide New Personal Best catfish from the Red River of the North- Captain Brad Durick 27-inch walleye-  Catfishing the Red River
Terry Luering The Luerings with Devils Lake fishing guide Austin Luering- Awesome channel catfish Lorence double
Brad Biegert- Almost personal best channel cat philip Brown and Logan- Another Great Red River Channel Phil Brown and Logan The Brown Family with a Monster Quad from the Red River
Garrett with a Drayton Monster The Gang with 5 Red River Channel cats-  Caught with Brad Durick Outdoors LLC in Drayton, ND Jane Finney- Personal Best Channel catfish Josh with a new personal best Red River Channel catfish
Red River Sturgeon Captain Brad Durick Moen- REd River Grand Forks Chuck Peterson
Chuck and Rob- Red River double Rob Colombo Ryan Moen- Finally a catfish from Brad Durick Outdoors Glenda Smith
Michelle Travis Davis- New PB 19 pounds Michelle and Travis John Smith
Monty Ray Monty and Ray Ashley Bibeau
Brett Bibeau Erv and his new personal best Bo with a new personal best 16 pound catfish Casey and Bo share some brother time on the Red River of the north
Karen Garrison with a Minnesota Channel catfish Richard Garrison got a trip from his employees.  Nice way to cash in Nicole and Ron 18 pounds of Red river catfish Nicoles 17 pound catfish from catfish guide


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