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Special Announcement- New Book Released

I am proud to announce that my new book "Cracking the Channel Catfish Code" is now on sale. This book brings an all new look at channel catfish in rivers. I teach you how catfish metabolism works, how flow affects channel catfish and how to catch more catfish through the seasons. I also intoduce you to the pattern that I call Lateral Movement. Check out the many great reviews. Click here for reviews


Cracking the Channel Catfish Code

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December, 29, 2013

Happy New Year, may your 2014 be filled with catfish. As we head into the the new year the phone is already starting to ring with people looking at their 2014 catfishing adventure. Everything seems to be shaping up for some flooding but we will tackle that when the time comes. As for now we are taking trips starting May 15th. To ensure you get the perfect dates get in early.

Also, New T-Shirts have arrived and are currently for sale. Order pages will be up soon. If you can't wait send and email telling me you would like to order now and I will invoice it with Paypal and you will have your shirt in a few short days.

December, 15, 2013

This will be the last official report of 2013. First of I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2014. If you are still doing some shopping for Christmas how about the gift of catfishing with either a copy of Cracking the Channel Catfish Code or a gift certificate for a guided trip in 2014. Until next year have a great Holiday season.

November, 9, 2013

We are ordering up the new 2014 T shirts. Check out the new shirt design and get yours in time for Christmas.

2014 Hoodie 2014 Red Shirt

October, 22, 2013

The 2013 season is officially in the books. We are currently taking reservations for 2014 and working on other promotions for 2014. Be sure to book your 2014 trip before the new rates take affect on March 1. New T-Shirts are being designed as we speak so new shirts will be available for the holiday season. Don't forget to give the gift of catfishing with either a BDO T-Shirt or Hoodie or a copy of my book Cracking the Channel Catfish Code. Lots of exciting things going on.


October, 3, 2013

It appears to be that time of year again. The time when the last little bit of catfishing left in the north is in sight and it is time to look at shutting down the guide service for another season.
2013 to put it in one word was "challenging". There were many things that went wrong starting with yet another long drawn out spring flood. There were also many more things that went right. I made many new friends and fished with many old friends. I got to see that excitement that only a huge channel catfish on the end of a line can bring out. I got to test the theories from my new book, making sure the patterns worked and even did some fine tuning to make them work better.

2013 was a challenging year but everything was still perfect. Great customers, great fish and of course great sponsors. I would like to thank everyone along with these fine sponsors. Plano, Frabill, Cat River Anchors, G3 Boats, Bottom Dwellers Tackle, Driftmaster Rod Holders, Blackhorse Custom Rods, Ande Monofilament, and Guest House Inn.

I am already taking calls for 2014 and getting plans together for next year to be bigger and better than ever. Thanks again and I hope to see you in 2014.

September, 28, 2013

We had one of those big fall cold fronts a couple days ago that came with some rain. It slowed the catfish down for a few hours but when the rain stopped and the sun came out the catfish responded postively and it was game on. The fish have moved to the shallows tight to structure. You need to sit on them a little longer than normal but they will bite and once you locate them you will catch quite a few.

September, 22, 2013

Water temps have stabilized and the fish have responded positively. It is now fall bite time until the next big cool off. Bigger fish are feeding hard on sucker and goldeye. I hear that frogs are still working but have not personally seen success on them recently. There is still a couple weeks left to take your Red River trip. Sept 29 and the weekend of Oct 4&5 are still open. Call or email today to reserve your spot.

September, 15, 2013

This week presented another huge cool down bringing water temperature in the high 60s. I would rate fishing as challenging but am still able to catch fish. Decent numbers of fish are coming in off current usually near structure. The fish are sitting tight until late afternoon when the best heat of the day shines down and warms things up a bit. Some of the best spots have been along the shore line where the afternoon sun has the most penetration. Bait of choice switched over to goldeye (fresh or frozen) and they will take suckers too.

There is only a couple weeks left of the season, I have dates available and the fish are still biting so there is still time however it seems to be running out.

September, 4, 2013

Well Mother Nature apparently didn't want us to stay on that awesome fishing for very long. This huge cool down has brought down water temps at a rate of two degrees per day. With all that laid out there are still big fish to be caught. Fish the off current areas shallow wood and be willing to fish a spot longer than normal. Hopefully the weekend warm up will stabilize temps and get the fish feeding aggressivly soon.

As far as bait bring it all, It seems sucker and frogs are the best but that seems to change day to day so be prepared.

August, 29, 2013

Catfishing is the best of the year right now with lots of fish and lots of BIG fish being caught. Best locations are breaks near the fast water or under wood near current. Best bait has been sucker and goldeye and they are also like frogs.

I just had a schedule change and September 6-8 has opened up. If you are planning a trip to the Red now is the time to get in while the fishing is hot. call ASAP if those days work for you. 701-739-5808.

August, 22, 2013

Catfishing this week is really improving with the heat.  They are moving into high gear feeding and hitting hard.  The best places to find them is deeper holes, runs or under deep submerged wood.  They are holding tight in the high sun so you still have to give them some time to grab the bait.  I think a night bite will be rocking if it already isn’t.

Bait of choice has been sucker for frog.  We still have lots of good catfishing ahead of us so get out and take advantage of this good bite and big fish before fall is upon us.

August, 15, 2013

Catfishing is starting to really pick up with the recent heat.  The catfish are finally moving out of the off current structure and  back into the channel to aggressively feed.  Best areas are right off the channel break where the current is a bit faster.  Depth really has not mattered and ranged from 6-25 feet. With conditions like this fish fast and throw a lot of bait to find active fish. As for bait, one really can't put a finger on it right now.  It seems to be changing as the day goes on so bring it all and find what works for you. 

I just had a fairly large cancelation for next weekend. Please call or email if interested.

August, 8, 2013

Thanks to the recent cool days and cooler nights the catfishing remains challenging this week.  There are some great fish out there to be caught but you really have to work for them.  The fish are holding off current near structure for the most part in depths of three to six feet being the best.  The key seems to be finding an area of good current that is near an area of virtually no current and work the slack water.  With the negativity spots need at least 20 minutes but 30 might be better.  Bait preferences are changing with the day so make sure to have it all with to ensure you have what the fish want at the time.  Bottom line is keep throwing bait, sit on spots a little longer than normal and be willing to try some things out of the norm.

August, 4, 2013

This cool off of the past couple weeks has slowed the fish down. There are still fish to be caught but you have to work for them. They seem to be running off current near the main current. Depth does not seem to be making much difference as long as you are right on that seam. The baits of choice have been frog and fresh sucker.

We have only a few August dates remaining so if you want to get in before back to school now is the time to book your trip.

July, 25, 2013

Catfishing remains good this week with many big fish being caught.  It does seem the bite is a bit more spotty than the past couple weeks but stay on the move and you will find them.  Fish have been running the current seams in fast water,  usually near some sort of structure.  Based on current conditions the depths have been 12-16 feet.  Sucker and goldeye continue to be the bait of choice with sucker getting the nod for the better of the two.  Frogs have not been around much so it is just not a bait of choice for us yet at this point in the year.


There are still many great openings remaining in the 2013 season. Be sure to get in on the action.

July, 13, 2013

Catfishing on the Red is the best it has been all year. Big fish coming in fast water and bait really doesn't matter. No guess work in hook sets making this about the perfect storm. Water levels are great and the spawn is over. I guess other than fishing is great there is not much else to report other than we have a couple mid -week evening trips open still in July and are still wide open starting the week of August 5.

July, 9, 2013

The Grand Forks ramps opened on Monday. The river fell over 10 feet in about four days so I suspect fishing will be tough for a few days until things settle down. We have leveled off at 19 feet and it looks like it will stay fairly stable for a while and fishing should get good by the weekend. I start fishing the 10th so will have better reports soon.

July, 7, 2013

Well it has been over a week since we shut down and the river is falling back like a rock. It has fallen 7 feet in the last three days. Levels are good for fishing but now have to wait a day or two for ramps to be cleaned and open. I suspect we will be in by the 10th at the latest. Spawn should be about done so fish will be feeding hard.

July, 1, 2013

I had a great feature story run on WDAZ TV News last week. Rob Hudson in Off the Beaten Path did fine job of telling the story behind the guide service. Click Here for Off the Beaten Path with Rob Hudson

June, 30, 2013

Sorry again for the long delay in reports. It has been crazy busy the past two weeks and we have been trying to finish up a push of trips before flood waters arrived. The report right now is that due to heavy rains upstream the river has crossed into flood stage and I have shut down the guide service due to safety concerns. Based on NOAA forecasting we should get opened up sometime the week of July 8 and be back in business.

Prior to the shutdown fishing was starting to pick up with some nicer fish beginning to come around. They were moving in the fast water and hitting on goldeyes. There was some post spawn fish in the mix. As the water rose the fish moved to the secondary seams tight to shore and were still able to be caught when I shut down. The good news is the hot weather and now high water should finish up the spawn for when we get back out there. I do have good dates still available when we get on. Don't hesitate to book yours soon to make sure you get in.

June, 17, 2013

Sorry for the long delay in reports. I have had a very busy week of guiding customers and shot a news story and two TV shows last week.

Catfishing has gotten tough but fish can still be caught. The fish are spread out and you need to stay on the move to find them and stay on them. Grind it out as they say. The best locations for me have been on the secondary current lines just off fast current. Some sore of structure has been a good thing also. No more than 20 minutes in a spot without a fish. They have been taking about any bait you can throw at them when they want it and sometimes have been biting short so keep that in mind when you are baiting up. All in all after looking at some old catch records of years past, life on the Red is pretty good these days.

I still have many great dates available starting in July so don't hesitate to experience the Red River and all it has to offer.

June, 9, 2013

Been fishing for a couple weeks now. The river levels and temps are in great shape but now we just can't get a weather pattern to stabilize. There are fish to be caught and are catching fish with consistency but really having to work hard for them. The key has been staying on the move and finding the active fish. They have been biting light so need to be patient to get the hookup. All things considered it is good fishing and some good healthy fish out there to be caught.

June, 3, 2013

It is officially game on here on the Red. Fishing has been getting better each day. Starting to see a lot of big fish and they are really starting to hit hard. Today they moved to the fast water breaks and it was fun. Good numbers and good size. Went through a lot of suckers over the past few days.

May, 30, 2013

Just got started Tuesday evening with the first trip of the year. The conditions were not perfect but the fishing was still good and the weather was amazing. Check out the first big fish photo of the year. (Click here for photo) We caught our fish tight in structure near the main current seam. Suckers were the bait of choice. The season is going to start off with a bang. We just got some heavy rains and the affects are yet to be seen but for now I will be fishing full tilt as the pre spawn progresses.

Don't forget to check out my YouTube Channel with a new video of one that got away. http://www.youtube.com/user/captainbraddurick

May, 27, 2013

We are officially open for business. The river has stabilized and the fish are hungry. They seem to holding tight to sturcture fairly shallow. Have not needed to sit on them for bites so fishing is fast. I officially start guiding tomorrow and have some mid-week dates available all throughout June and fishing is setting up to be pretty awesome over the next 3-4 weeks. Book your trip today. braddurick@gmail.com or 701-739-5808.

May, 24, 2013

As expected the river did not rise to flood level as predicted at Grand Forks, although it is very high and you should exercise caution if out there. Drayton is in flood stage and my guess is ramps are not open.

Fishing around Grand Forks is spotty. This is mostly due to the river dropping 6 feet and rising 6 feet in 12 days. Also, the water temp dropped five degrees in three days. Things just need to settle out again and get a little sun. If you do venture out over the next few days. Look for fish in the shallow water out of the current or in structure. As conditions stabilize the bite will come around too.

May, 20, 2013

I was just about to scout everything out after the flood season and it started raining. As of right now NOAA is saying that we will go over flood stage later this week. I find it hard to believe that we will go up 12 feet from 3-4 inches of rain so we will know more in a couple days.

Word on the street is that fishing is really picking up. I hope to get out one of the next two days for a look, then let this water push through over the weekend.

Fathers day is just around the corner and I do offer gift certificates for future trips. A great gift for the hard to buy for dad.

May, 10, 2013

Well about every river projection this year has been wrong and it will be go time May 20th. Water temps are mid-50s right where they need to be so all this planning for the worst has been for nothing. I have some great May dates open right now. If anyone is interested in some great pre-spawn cattin I have May 20,21,22,28,29,30,31 open.

I will be speaking at the FM Walleyes May meeting at the Kelly Inn in Fargo May 16th. If anyone is in the area and wants to stop by and hear some catfishing tips and stories you are welcome to.

May, 6, 2013

The river is falling fast and barring any major rainfall upstream I should be scouting starting the 20th and taking trips from there. We are finally in some warm weather and this will be just what the doctor ordered for a pretty amazing spring I think.

May, 1, 2013

We crested around 41. Turns out we got a nearly perfect flood from a catfish guide perspective. Going to start accepting trips for May 28th and beyond. It is shaping up to be a great year.

April, 30, 2013

Big news! They just lowered crest predictions to 42. That should pretty much ensure I will be in by June 1. I still have many great dates available so get in touch with me soon to get yours.

April, 26, 2013

This spring flood is kicking into hight gear right now. NOAA is trying to call crests but at the same time I am working on my own. It looks like I will be safely running trips by June 8 at the latest. I also have a Plan B in the works to make sure that happens. There is much more to happen over the next three days that will give us a better idea of what will happen and when we get started.

I still have many prime pre spawn dates available starting June 9. The phone has been ringing so be sure to reserve your date soon.

April, 21, 2013

Finally something new to report. Some warmer weather is melting the snow and the river is starting to rise. Things will get interesting later this week on the annual flood and hopefully I will have some more concrete news next time.

One piece of good news is I think I found a great Plan B to get fishing on time or before most. Stay tuned to see how that plan is going.

April, 13, 2013

Nothing new in the river conditions. Right now we are waiting on yet another snowstrorm then hopefully spring. It is going to be a great year when things get rolling.

April, 2, 2013

Not much new in the river conditions. For now we will expect awesome fishing in June and still have many great dates available.

The big news this week is the May issue of In-Fisherman is out and I got a full feature on "lateral movement" catfish which is from my upcoming book. Great piece, check it out. Also, I have a cold water catfish article in Dakota Country and Iowa Sportsman Magazines for the April issue. Lots happening while we wait for the Mighty Red to break loose.

March, 28, 2013

Well we are still waiting for winter to loosen her grip on us and get this spring flood underway. They are predicting a flood similar to 2011. It was a long wait but worth it because we caught many big fish that season. It looks like June will be the month this year for the big spring bite.

On an exciting note one of the patterns I developed for my upcoming book is featured in the May 2013 issue of In-Fisherman. Be sure to pick up a copy and learn about lateral movement for channel catfish.

March, 10, 2013

New flood outlooks came out a few days ago and as of right now it is a catfisherman's dream. They are calling for a chance of major flooding in some areas but moderate flooding in most areas. This is great news for a big pre-spawn bite to start out the season. If we can start having some warmer temps and not a bunch more precipitation to prevent a huge flood that might cause road closure and property damage it will be a great spring.

There are still many dates available for the 2013 season and it is looking to be a great one.

Don't forget Catfish University in Fargo is next Saturday March 16th. Call or email to RSVP.

February, 26, 2013

Here we are the end of February and sport show season is in full swing. Last weekend I was in Omaha, NE and this coming weekend will be in Sioux Falls, SD. I've been meeting a lot of people and talking a lot of catfishing the past few weeks.

Spring is in the air and everyone is getting ready for the river to open up so we can get going. Speaking of that we got a favorable flood report last week and it appears we will have minor flooding this spring and that is welcome to get the big cats moving.

There are still many great dates available for 2013 so take advantage as soon as you can. Make sure you get your summer vacation booked soon.

Don't forget Catfish University, March 16th in Fargo, ND for more info go to www.catfishuniversity.com brought to you buy FM Walleyes Unlimited.

January, 15, 2013

2013 is upon us and another holiday season is over. Now it is time to start planning our summer vacations. There are still many great dates available but there has been a lot of inquiry for dates the past couple weeks. Be sure to get the dates you want before they are all snapped up. We start guiding May 15th.


2013 is also the year of great sponsors. This year I will be guiding from a 2012 G3, fishing with a complete set of Blackhorse Custom Rods equiped with reels from Bottom Dwellers Tackle.


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