2016 Reports

Red River Catfish Reports


December, 1, 2016

Not that much to add this time of year. We have no snow yet and the river is still wide open. I was catching catfish up until I put my boat away for winter two weeks ago.

I am proud to announce we have signed on with Big Frig Coolers. They are taking the high end cooler and drinkwear market to the next level. A great Midwest company.

As we move into the Christmas Season you can get gift certificates for guiding in 2017 or you can buy any of my books right here on the web site.

October, 28, 2016

It has been a while since the last report due to wrapping up the season and getting some things in order for next year. 2016 was an amazing year with many boat records being broken. We landed over 9 tons of channel cats, we caught literally over a ton of 20+ pounders and all in all had just a great season.

2017 will be the 10th year of Brad Durick Outdoors. We are already taking reservations for next year so you may want to start looking at dates for your excursion.

Thanks to all who fished with us this year. Without you we could not do this.

September, 15, 2016

Its fall time and the big fish are here. We are on great fishing right now and it should hold for two or three more weeks. Lots of big fish hitting. We have had to sit on spots a bit longer but the wait has paid off. We are still fishing the faster current seams and fishing mostly with frozen baits. Its time for a hog. If you want a real shot at a 20+ pound fish now is your time and we have some openings to help make it happen.

September, 9, 2016

Well big rains have changed things in a hurry. We lost the ramps at Drayton yet again but let me tell you about Grand Forks. More big fish are moving in and our ramps are perfect. This is setting up for a few weeks of amazing fishing. As far as where to find fish not much has changed. Look for small holes with faster water seams over them. The best bait has been frozen sucker with frogs coming in second. Fresh sucker is also working. We have a solid three weeks of fishing left and lots of dates still open. Get in on this madness.

September, 1, 2016

Here we are in September already and the big fish are spread out all over. You just have to go find them. The bait changes every day so you have to have it all to figure out the right one. Patterns are pretty much the same fishing the faster currents and smaller holes. We did get a blast of water this week that is sending lots of debris down and has the water muddied up. This should only last a couple more days then back to normal. We have lots of big fish and only a month left. Get in now on your adventure.

August, 22, 2016

Not much has changed since last time except the bait selection seems to change a couple times per day to keep everyone on their toes. The BIG NEWS this week is Drayton is open. We resume trips up there later this week. August is ending with a bang and September looks to be really good. We have lots of trips available over the next few weeks so don't hesitate to call and get in on your adventure.

August, 15, 2016

River conditions are nearly perfect right now and boy are there fish to be caught. Lots of big fish in the system and the numbers are picking up to boot. It is the perfect storm setting up for the final push of 2016. The fish are in the fast water and generally biting fast on the spot. Not big numbers per spot so stay on the move. Bait is the biggest question because it changes a couple times per day. Bring it all if you can and experiment until you find the right one for the time. We have lots of openings coming down the stretch and this is the perfect time to catch a trophy. 701-739-5808

August, 5, 2016

A new rain for some fresh water and the fish are responding well. Still not huge numbers but BIG fish. The report remains pretty much the same as a few days ago fishing fast water. Many spots are one and done so stay on the move. We still have lots of great dates available if you want to get in and have some fun on trophy channel catfish. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com.

August, 2, 2016

I was right in the last report that amazing fishing was setting because it has. We are still not lighting up huge numbers of fish but the average size is more than making up for it. Lots of big hungry fish in the system ready to eat. The best locations are the fastest water you can find or near it. Suckers have been my best bait but others are saying shrimp or water dogs. It looks like a summer bite that will continue for weeks. We have openings all of August and September still available so get in on the action.

Drayton is still under water this week but should not be much longer.

July, 20, 2016

Thing have changed a lot over the past week. A big cool off and lots of rain have brought the river to nearly perfect levels at Grand Forks. Drayton may be a while to gain access again. The fishing has slowed some with the cooler water temps but everything is setting up for amazing fishing as the water warms up over the next week. Sucker and Goldeye have been the bait but it appears there will be a frog bite starting soon. There are great things about to happen down the stretch. We have lots of openings for August and September available.

Check out this segment of Midwest Outdoors that we shot in May of 2016.

Midwest Outdoors

July, 12, 2016

The spawn just about wrapped up for another year. Big fish are out feeding now bulking back up. The best way to catch the fish is in the mid river holes with frozen goldeye or fresh sucker for bait. Things should be picking up even more as we have fresh water coming down from big rains upstream over the weekend. We are setting up for some great fishing down the stretch.

Speaking of down the stretch I have many open dates from now thru September. There is some prime fishing ahead to be taken advantage of. Come on up and enjoy some catfishing. 701-739-5808

June, 26, 2016

The spawn is starting to wrap up and the bigger fish are coming back out to play. Last week was challenging and we really had to work for fish as they would not give a real bait preference. Over the weekend at the Scheels Boundary Battle the bait situation was the same but some amazing catfish were brought to weigh. For now bring all the different baits and try it till you find what works. As far as location look for structure and current breaks. Sit on spots 20-30 minutes and it will come together. It should just get better each day from here.

We have lots of openings starting July 16th so there is still time to get inon great catfishing in 2016.

Don't forget the Drayton Rod and Reel Rally is July 16th. www.draytonnd.com for more information.

June, 15, 2016

The water is back good at all areas with some mud left at North Drayton. All in all the Red is looking great and this will set up for a great summer. Currently the spawn is on which is slowing the bite some but there are still a lot of big fish around to be caught. Hot weather ahead and we will be rockin it again in a couple weeks. In the short term the we have the Scheels Boundary Battle June 25 and 26 here in Grand Forks and still have spaces open so get in and have fun taking a shot at what could be $5,000. Also the Drayton Rod and Reel Rally is July 16th.

With a great second half of summer setting up we have many opening for guiding. There is still time get yourself and your family or buddies in for a catfish adventure. We are open through September.

June, 10, 2016

We lost the North Drayton Landing last week when the water came up and were forced back to Grand Forks. Not to worry however because with the rise in water levels and flow the big cats finally stacked up here. It was like nothing changed and everything is still going strong. Right now just find a current break and throw bait. Water temp is 70 and hot weather is here so the spawn will not be to far off. There are so many fish around I don't think the spawn will matter much.

We have some dates available yet in June then things open up wide. This new water will set us up way into the summer for great fishing so there is still lots and lots of time to get in.

May, 31, 2016

Parts of the river are starting to spawn and it is making fishing very challenging to say the least. Other parts of the river are not showing the signs of spawn nearly as much. All we can do is fish hard and hope for a quick spawn as it is about three weeks early. Recent rains have made things somewhat weird as well. We got some much needed rain but it has made some access difficult so it is day by day. Bait of choice is goldeye with sucker a very close 2nd.

The photo page was recently updated so stop over there for a look see at 2016 so far. We have many dates available still so don't hesitate to get your fishing adventure on the calendar.

May, 23, 2016

Now we are deep into the pre spawn. Fishing in most sections of the river are good with some stretches much better than others. Sucker and goldeye are the baits of choice. The best place to find fish is shallow near structure or just out of the main current. Morning and evening the catfish are aggressivly feeding in the main current areas. I must appoligize for the lack of photos on the site. To see current photos please click here to visit our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/braddurickoutdoors

Dates are filling up for June but we still have some great dates and the other guides have lots of openings we can work with. After July 4th we are still wide open so there is time get in on some great Red River catfishing.

May, 12, 2016

The pre spawn is on with lots of fish to be caught. We are getting into full swing this weekend as we plow ahead into 2016. A recent cold front has the fish sitting off the current again but they are responding. Sucker has been the bait of choice for the past week. We have lots of openings for the prespawn still and are wide open beginning in July so don't hesitate to get on the calendar.

With lower water we have access to the Drayton stretch of the river this spring and it is shaping up to be banner. Capt. Brad does take full day (7 hour) trips there upon request. We do have May 22 and Memorial Day open still as well. braddurick@gmail.com or 701-739-5808

May, 3, 2016

GAME ON! We finally got the heat we needed and the fish are responding nicely. In the morning they are sitting a little tight but by afternoon they are out feeding in the fast water. Sucker and goldeye are the baits of choice. Conditions are perfect right now and we are setting up for an amazing pre-spawn and season beyond that. We still have lots of open dates so don't hesitate to take advantage.

April, 16, 2016

Finally things are warming up and we are getting some rain. We have been out poking around and have started catching catfish. The forecast says things will kick into high gear next week. We will start taking guests out May 2.


April, 6, 2016

Spring came in with a bang and now it is cool and nothing is really happening. The river has been clear of ice for a few weeks now but the water temps are staying at 40ish. At last check of the forecast it looks to be about two more weeks before things get too exciting. Any way we look at it we should be able to start taking guests out by May 1st. We are now taking reservations for all guides. www.redrivercatfish.com or call 701-739-5808.

March, 9, 2016

It is an early spring with almost all of the snow gone. The river should be breaking up over the next week or two allowing some boat traffic to commence. We are planning to get started guiding the first week of May this year so start getting your dates planned.

In other news my new book Advanced Catfishing Made Easy is getting some good reviews. Get your signed copy above on the "shop" tab.

We are running the 2016 Scheels Boundary Battle Tournament June 25 and 26. For more information or to enter www.boundarybattle.com. Besides that we are taking care of the Red River Valley Catfish League (Wednesdays) in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. If you would like to partipate log onto www.rrvcatfish.com. There will be an "open house" meeting and some fishing at 6pm May 4th located at the North Landing in Grand Forks. This is a FREE event.

February, 16, 2016

We don't have much snow this winter and that tells us that we will get another early start this year. Right now we are taking booking beginning in Early May. As always weekends are filling first but we have many weekend dates open still so be sure to get in. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

The real big news of the past couple weeks is my new book "Advanced Catfishing Made Easy" is now on the market. You can purchase it right here on the site or you can go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble (web only) or Bottom Dwellers Tackle to get your copy. This book is the patterning system I use every day to keep you on fish.

The show and speaking season begins next week. Stop by the appearances page if you are intersted in a seminar or Scheels Catfish University sponsored by Rippin Lips Fishing Products.

January, 07, 2016

Here we are in 2016. We can only hope it is as good as 2015. Right now we are working on off season projects. We are updating web sites, getting articles ready for magazines in 2016 and the most exciting I am releasing a brand new book in March titled "Advanced Catfishing Made Easy" This will be a very unique on the water guide to help any catfish angler catch more fish. More info to come in the next few weeks.

Of course we are now taking reservations for the 2016 catfish season. The winter is shaping up to give us a great spring. Make sure to get your dates booked to ensure you get to visit when you want.


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