2014 Reports

Red River Catfish Reports


December, 9, 2014

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November, 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving. We are under ice here in the north country so no catfishing going on. We are getting ready for 2015 however with new sponsors and gear.

I would like to mention that with Christmas right around the corner you can get some of your shopping done right here at BDO. We offer Gift Certificates for trips as well as both of my books and some other items. Just click the shop in the upper right corner.

October, 14, 2014

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October, 7, 2014

Here we are, the time of year where I have to call it. I will no longer be running catfish trip on the Red River for 2014. It is never to early to start choosing your dates for 2015. Tentative Opening day is May 15.

October, 3, 2014

Last week's heat really put the cats in high gear producing some of the best big fish catching of the season. But with that all good things must end. Fall has taken hold again and the water temps are dropping and with the cold day today and the forecast will be dropping very fast over the next days. They should stabalize mid next week and with a little warm up we might get one more good push but for the most part we are coming to the end of a great year.


How great you ask? I broke the 4 ton mark through the boat, broke my trip record, 87 different people chalked up a new personal best this season in my boat and there was many many great outdoor memories made. We are currently taking 2015 reservations so get in early to ensure your preferred dates are available.


I would like to thank all of my great sponsors for sticking with me through 2014. G3 Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Frabill, Plano, Cat River Anchors, Guest House Inn, Humminbird, Drift Master Rod Holders, Bottom Dwellers Tackle, and Blackhorse Custom Rods. I would also like to thank other friends for a great season. Whisker Seeker Tackle and Rippin Lips Fishing Products.

September, 21, 2014

Water temperatures are back up and so are the catch rates. Cut sucker is the key and fish the fast water until further notice. I am pretty open this week if anyone wants to get out for a fall catfish adventure. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

September, 18, 2014

The big temperature drop over the past week has slowed the catfish down for sure but there are still plenty of big cats out there to be caught.  Best locations have been pretty similar to last week.  Structure such as wood near the lighter currents seems to work the best.  Best action has been coming shallow like 2-10 feet of water.  Sit on a spot 20-30 minutes to allow the catfish to find the bait. Sucker is the bait of choice.  Once again this week I could not get frog or goldeye to work.

We still have a couple weeks left to get in on the 2014 catfish bite. There are still many huge channel cats in the system to be enjoyed.

September, 10, 2014

Catfishing on the Red River remains great all up and down the river. The weather has cooled down substancially over the past couple days but so far the fishing has not slowed. I figure that over the next few days as water temps catch up to the air temps and cool down so will the bite some. Best catching has been out of the softer current near structure which typically is near snags or on the channel break of inside corners where a slower current is created. Sit on spots at least 25 minutes to make sure negative fish have time to find the bait.

Bait over the past week has been sucker, sucker or sucker. Goldeye and frogs have proven virtually useless.

September, 4, 2014

Catfishing on the Red River remains great all up and down the river. The warm days and cool night does have them a little mixed up as far as if they are in the current or not so you will have to try both to figure out where they are that day. Best big fish bite has been out of the current near structure however. Sit on spots at least 25 minutes to make sure negative fish have time to find the baits.

Baits have been sucker number one and frog number two. Goldeye has produced very little. (At least for me.) on warmer nights frogs seem to be better near dusk and after.

Forecast looks great, water flows look great so get out and enjoy.

August, 25, 2014

The big fish bite continues. The water is cooling and the bite has changed to more of an off current bite but if you sit on them a bit longer but stay moving you will find some amazing fish right now. We are seeing many 15-20 pound fish. Bait right now is sucker and nothing else.

We managed to catch three fish that were tagged in Manitoba, Canada over the past couple days. That proves that catfish will migrate long distance when conditions are right. Very exciting findings coming out.

I don't see this bite ending any time soon and there are still many dates available beginning September 1st so there is still time to get in. Stay up to date on our Facebook Page- Brad Durick Outdoors LLC

August, 21, 2014

It turns out that last weeks report was more of a hiccup than a change. By Friday night the weather straightened out and it was back to game on. We have had an amazing week continuing to get big fish in the holes and faster current spots. Baits were frog only but now shifting back to cutbait as well. There are still many big fish to be caught over the next few days. The forecast does not look favorable in the short term. Might have to slow down and grind it out if it goes down like the weather man says. Cood days and cold nights starting Sunday. There are still lots of fish in the system to be caught so don't let this deter you. I have many openings in early September if you are still looking to get in on the famous Red River.

August, 14, 2014

Well every great bite must come to an end or at least slow down and change patterns. A series of cool nights has slowed the big fish bite. Right now we have to get out of the current and sit on the structure a little longer. The forecast is for hot over the next few days so this should be a just a hiccup. Baits have been fresh cut sucker and/or frogs. We still have a few dates left over the next weeks if you are still interested in getting in yet in 2014.

August, 2, 2014

Not much new to report. I just wanted to let everyone know that fishing is good and big fish are out and playing. On the water all this week but still have some great openings in August. If you are thinking about heading here get your dates booked soon.

July, 27, 2014

A nice warm week with some rain was just what the doctor ordered. The fish (big fish)came out slamming this weekend hitting the break line right next to main drop off the channel or in the heads of deeper holes. Saturday evening we had a big cold front move through and the fish moved off current to the top edge of the current seam near structure such as log jams. All the baits were working. The forecast for the next week is highs in the 80s so it won't take long to move the fish down the hill and get them feeding again.

July, 21, 2014

After a week back in the river the report is that there really is not any solid pattern or bait. It appears that the fish have decided to give spawn another shot and sort of stalled everything. That is the bad news. The good news is there are fish to be caught. Just keep trying spots and patterns until you run into active fish and you will be re-paid. This is a time that I always say grind it out. Pull the anchor try it all and eventually it will come together. We have a warm week ahead so thing should settle out over the next days and get more predictable.

July, 15, 2014

So after a flood and a 10 day trip to Northern Saskatchewan for lake trout we are back in business. The river is down to just under 20 feet and there are reports of big cats being caught in the Grand Forks area. Everything is shaped up for a good rest of the summer and fall. We have many openings available starting July 21 through the end of the season.

This past weekend a segment featuring me and the Red River ran on Minnesota Bound. Here is a link for you to enjoy.


June, 29, 2014

And the flood goes on. The river has finally started to drop and barring any big rains we should be back in by the weekend. FINALLY! The spawn should be done and with the fresh drink of water I suspect fishing will be good. If you are thinking of fishing with us over the next two weeks please make your reservations so we can get you on the calendar with Capt. Kent. I will not be able to answer calls or emails from July 5-15. Please leave me messages and I will get back to you ASAP. We have lots of openings beginning July 20 through September.

June, 18, 2014

Bad News! The heavy wide spread rains of last week and weekend have put us into flood. With that we will be shut down until at least next Monday. The good news is the spawn is almost done and the fishing is actually pretty good so we will have great fishing waiting for us when we get back in. I will check back in next week when we are fishing again.

June, 14, 2014

The spawn is in full swing and maybe even starting to get done. Today we landed a female that appeared to be post spawn. Fishing has been very steady the past weeks with the fish staying off current and near structure. If the day brings a warming trend ther fish will move out to the current in the late afternoon and evening. Give the fish a solid 20 minutes before moving on. Try all the baits as they seem to be getting a little more particular about what they eat from day to day.

June, 8, 2014

Spawn is on or at least getting started and added to a recent cool down fishing has slowed. This is not to say stopped it just means that we have to work harder to catch them. Some of the tactics have been keep a line tight to the cutbanks and work the shallow structure. Also keep a line in the fast water off the channel break for any that are not spawning. Also shorten baits to prevent short strikes. Stay on the move working structure like this and good things will happen. While numbers are down some from last week and there are still many nice fish out there to be caught. Best baits have been sucker and frog. The tactics that I have been using for success are in my book Cracking the Channel Catfish Code available at Amazon or The store on this web site.

June, 2, 2014

Once that huge temperature increase leveled out the fish were again ready to feed and feed they did. Big numbers of fish coming into the boat. Lots of 10-13 pounders with a couple monsters mixed in. Fish have started to move to the spawning nest so the best tactic has been get off current into structure or cut banks and make sure you have a line or two (whatever is legal) on the channel edge. Stay on the move and good things will happen. Cut bait or even frog is working.

May, 29, 2014

Catfishing on the Red has gotten fairly tough over the past few days.  It looks like the water temp rising 15 degrees in less than a week has the fish in a bit of shock.  The good news is they seem to be coming out of the funk as the conditions level off.  The best way to catch them is fish structure staying on the moving until you find active fish.  There is a lot of picking and pulling that will eventually turn into a bite.  Remember to keep the bait fresh.

 The spawn is just around the corner and the fish are feeding so get out and make the best of it.  River conditions are perfect and the fish look spectacular.  Don’t forget the bug spray either you are going to need it.

May, 23, 2014

Last week I said with a little heat things would start to pick up and they have.  With water temps rising to the mid to high 50s the catfish have started to feed in their run to the spawn.  Best locations have been shallow to about 13 feet in the slower current just off the main channel.  Some fish are starting to move in the channel so don't forget the fast water.  Big fish are coming right on the edge of the current near structure.  Stay on the move covering water until you find the fish. Bait has been cut sucker but I’m confident that any fresh cut bait will work right now. With a warm forecast over the next 10 days look for catfishing to be awesome over the next few weeks.

I still have two days open the end of next week and all of the week of June 9. Call or email to book your adventure soon.

May, 17, 2014

GAME ON! The report is about the same as the other day but with a little time and find tuning the pattern big fish are on. The fish are hanging out in structure on the secondary current seam in 3-18 feet and taking suckers. With the warm temps the fishing is only going to get better.

May, 15, 2014

The season has officially kicked off. Cold days and freezing nights have dropped water temps back to below 50. The good news is we are finding fish where they are supposed to be. Numbers are fair but big fish are not exactly jumping in the boat. Fish are in the secondary currents in 3-15 feet depending on the structure and the current. The better fish are coming near the seam to the main current. Baits are cut sucker and night crawlers. The forecast for the next week looks great, water levels are great so just put in the time and be patient. Great things are about to happen.

May, 13, 2014

We start fishing tomorrow. We have dates available as soon as next week if you wish to get in on the pre-spawn bite. Hit the contact page, call 701-739-5808, or email braddurick@gmail.com

May, 11, 2014

The latest flood event is over, ramps are clean and I am hearing the cats are turning on. I have been working like a dog to get ready for this season and get the new G3 in order. As of now I am ready enough to fish. Still more parts to arrive and will be doing installs as they arrive. This week will be scout week and starting Saturday we will be going strong. With a little heat late May and early June could show some stellar pre-spawn action.

May, 3, 2014

This last rain event brought just enough water to the system to cause problems with access. Everything will be going down in the next few days and we could be back in late next week. Now it is still the issue of heat. Water temps finally got back up to 47 today but have a long way to go to shift these cats into high gear.

Bottom line is the system is healthy and we are all itching to get in for the season.

April, 27, 2014

The report is there really isn't a report. The ramps opened last week and water levels stabilized only to have some welcomed rain upstream so there is a fresh drink of water coming at a great time. The issue now is we need some heat. The temperatures are keeping the water just under that magic number of 50 and sort of holding up the show. With that said good water levels and a quick warmup and it will be going gangbusters. So while we wait for the water temps to come up a bit I am getting the new boat broke in and gear ready for the season ahead. Looks like I was right for about a May 10 start. Be sure to get your dates locked up to ensure they are yours.

April, 21, 2014

Grand Forks ramps are open. We start fishing tomorrow.

April, 20, 2014

HAPPY EASTER! With that life is good here on the Red River. I have been hearing of catfish being caught on the upper Red River around Fargo the past couple days. The flood at Grand Forks is over and ramps should open early this week. North of us still has some water to deal with but that will fall very soon. Water temps are at 43 so with the forcast of heat the next few days things will progress very fast. I predict we will be catching prespawn catfish in full swing next week.

I am currently rigging the new G3 and hope to get out to break it in and get some catfish reports for my self in the next few days. Keep coming back because I will let you know as soon as everything is in high gear. I still have many May dates available if anyone wants to get in on what is shaping up to be some great pre spawn catfishing.

April, 14, 2014

Things are really happening now! We have gone up to flood stage to blow all the ice off the river, crested and are on the fall right now. NOAA says we will be below flood stage by early next week. Shortly after that the water temps will get up to pre spawn mode and it will be game on.

Right now I'm planning to start after May 1. We are wide open for the month of May and things are shaping up for some great fishing. Call or email to get your trip on the 2014 calendar.

Just a note to people who have not stopped by in a while, we have a new line of Tee Shirts in stock and also have lots of copies of my book Cracking the Channel Catfish Code. Simply hit the "shop now" button on the top of the page to order yours today.

April, 3, 2014

Not much has changed in river conditions since the last report. I'm still shooting for an early May start. Catfish University in Iowa went off as a huge success. Thank you to all who attended and to my friends at Whisker Seeker Tackle for being part of this.

I would like to introduce you to the new member of the family. I was in Lebanon, Missouri visiting my friends at G3 Boats this week. I took a complete factory tour and picked up the new ride for the year. Fishing in style in a 2014 G3 Jon Boat.

Bookings for the first part of summer are starting to fill up so call soon to reserve your spot. We still have tons of spots open for the 2nd half of summer.

2014 G3 Boat

G3 back view

March, 26, 2014

While the temps still have not warmed up much it is very clear that the river is not going to flood this spring allowing us to get fishing early. With that said there should be some great early fishing and we will get started in early May this year. We have lots of openings now with the early start. Call or email to book yours today.

March, 10, 2014

People have had enough of winter and are in spring mode and I am no different. All about spring in my mind. Some exciting things going on for 2014. My guests will be riding in a new 2014 G3 Jon boat equiped with all new Humminbird electronics and Driftmaster Rod holders. Not only comfortable but at the top end of technology for finding fish more efficiently.

If you are planning to visit us on the Red River you better start checking dates. We plan to start taking trips May 15th. June is starting to fill on weekends but there are many great dates still to be had for 2014. We look forward to fishing with you.

February, 18, 2014

Hello all. This winter is getting long but that is no reason not to be thinking catfishing. I have been spending the winter in preparation for a great 2014 season. The phone is starting to ring with patrons looking for information. There are still many great dates available throughout the season. Simply call 701-739-5808 or emailbraddurick@gmail.com

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