2014 Photos- Click to enlarge

Memories that Last Forever

Photos are one of the greatest ways to remember a great day on the water. It is also the key to protecting the fish we all love to catch so much. Always practice CPR.


Dave 20 First Double on the Red River Andy Ness 17 Reed Kritzberger 24 pounder
Trace Mike Yoder Quincy Hambek Josh Finseth
Tom and Carson Dennis Carson Dennis Jerry and Norm Erv Karasch
TJ Hollansworth Kent Hollansworth TJ and Rod Hurley Jack Stevens
Heidi Gould Meghan Rodriquez Ceasar Felix Patino
Jeff Blackwell Carol Rockwell Marc Nielsen Roger Hodnefield
Greg Greek Roger Hodnefield Dean Stan
Chris 18 Luke Anderson Blake Anderson Jeremy Anderson
Joey Sell Jan and Tim Rasmussen Tim Rassmussen Terry Luehring
Mike Yoder Ryver Dave Stobrel
Val Stoberl Matt Smith Brian Sell
Tim Cory Dahl Sanford Double Ryan Sanford
Jamie Marcie Douglas Lloyd Lester Sandy
38" Tagged Channel Catfish Matt and John John Kroll with tagged catfsh Great Day
Joel Fauth Chrystal Fauth Matt and John Kroll Merle Forde
Joe and Justin Rob and Brad Durick Rob Raymond and Brad Durick Gary
Dan Hammer Capt. Brad and Dan Hammer- 21 pounds Darren Lien Dustin
Family Photo Jay and Wayne Jacob Olson
Jay Bev and Ken Ken Lubahn Sue Spurgeon
Tim Spurgeon Stephane Pattyn Dan Hammer and Stephane Pattyn (The General) Luke Isder
Andy Isder Tim Timmsen Dee Dakota Jones
Dakota and Jon Jones Terry Smith Penney Smith Penney Smith
Jeff Eddleston Jim Eddleston Lenny Rob Raymond
Stephanie Bernstrom Mark Dobmeier    


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