2009 Photos

Memories that Last Forever

Photos are one of the greatest ways to remember a great day on the water. It is also the key to protecting the fish we all love to catch so much. Always practice CPR


Dean Durick on first channel catfish outting Devon Willenbrock with monster 26 Chris and Amy with 24 little boy with big fish
Lisa with an awesome 19 first fish of the year Matt with his first catfish Chris Shields with a personal best Rich Thorpe with a wonderful red river monster
The Luerings with a post spawn beauty Garrett and Rich what a night on the red The Habrel clan Bradley with a new personal best 21 pounder
Women in the Outdoors Event Kirk English brent bulow with a great 17 pound channel cat Dr. Halverson with his first red river catfish
Krista Bulow nice 18 pound red river fish Roger Hodnefield sweet channel cat Great Fish Brad and his dad
Joe Strand- One of many catfish Steve Westering Dale Merchman first time on the red Teresa Mattson with her first ever catfish
Travis and Bill Travis Sorokie- a seasoned catfish veteran Another Travis and Bill Shot Garrett Horntvedt nice 20 plus pound channel cat
Rich Lehn- yet another great catfish Amy Samuelson- First time cattin but not the last Chris and Amy a great brochure shot Look at this monter
Matt and Garrett Fred Willenbrock 18 pounder to finish the day The Willenbrocks from Oregon Don Watson- Red Lake River catfish
Bob Watson Sherri Madison Jason Madison the Madison Family
Nathan and jason Madison first 20 Joe and Mike Stand- great double


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