2008 Photos

Memories that Last Forever

Photos are one of the greatest ways to remember a great day on the water. It is also the key to protecting the fish we all love to catch so much. Always practice CPR


Joe and Mike Strand with the first of many giant catfish with brad durick outdoors Captain Brad and Jason Mitchell from Jason Mitchell Outdoors TV with an 18-25 double Cory McGillis with a mid summer 25 pounder for a personal best Michel Muniz- 39 inch catfish still the longest to be boated
Paul Alert with a monster Drayton Cat Paul Alert with another view of a monster Nick Luchau- At the time a personal best 18 pound red river catfish Jon Falch with a tank on the first real catfish trip of 2008
Jacob Matton- Kicked this 20+ pound channel catfish's butt Rich Thorpe- an 18 pounder to finish out the day Faye Lehn- first catfish
Captain Brad with Victoria and Don Sweet from Catfishing America TV Jon Falch- Nice head on view of a nice catfish Jon with yet another great fish from May 10, 2008 Hannah Laumb- 10 pound fish
True Triple Hannah and her dad Jacob Mattson with another great grand forks catfish Eddie Duncan and his grandfather may 2008
Eddie Duncan and his boy Michel and Kayla double channels Travis Sunkinboat Travis with yet another great catfish
Victoria Sweet- Personal Best Tom with an accidental 29.5 inch walleye Loren Keizer- 19 pound Grand forks Brandon Jordan- Rainy day channel catfish


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