2011 Photos

Memories that Last Forever

Photos are one of the greatest ways to remember a great day on the water. It is also the key to protecting the fish we all love to catch so much. Always practice CPR


21 pound Red River Channel cAtfish 19 Pound river monster 19 pound red river catfish Iowa to the REd River
nice red river channel cat river monster- 1 foot of water AWESOME channel catfish 15 pounder- fast fish
Nebrask Iowa visitors double banger Big male- Steve from Washington Rod Hurley- Iowa boy catching catfish Nebraska catfish- Nice fish Terry
Amber Fuller Justin Fuller Justin and Amber Fuller The Fullers on Honeymoon
Roger Workentin Karen Workentin Susan Howell Tim Spurgeon
Barb is an animal Barb McFadden Chris Shields- Red Lake River Dave
Chuck Beasley and Aaron Cami Patino Caesar Scott Turnage- G3 Sportsman
Kirk English- King of the CAts Valley News Live- Dan Hammer Chuck Lewis- Kansas Donna Strand- Post Spawn channel catfish
Mike- Big 17 pounder Jeremy Eckman- 15 pound channel Fred Ewalt- First fish of the night Samantha Nelson- Personal Best
Fred and Caleb- Doubles The Martins- Three Generations Robert Martin- Post Spawn 18 Ken Martin
Scott Eyman- Omaha catfish Bob Cowan Luke and Jeremy Anderson- Grand Forks Catfish Bob Jensen
Shelby Regimbal Chris Regimbal Brynn Regimbal Jacyln Lokken
Jake Mac Byrum Kent and Mark Simonson Kent Simonson
Brad Archer and Josh Childress Brad Archer Josh Childress Mad Catfish
Ken Nourse Joe Nourse Jerry Boettger Neil Boettger
Chelsi Stephen Swatlowski Kirk English



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