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Red River Catfish Reports



January, 10, 2018

Here we are already in 2018. So far other than a week of brutal cold we have had and easy winter. It looks like normal to low spring river conditions as of right now. There is so much going on that it is hard to take it all in. We start off with a Catfish University in Des Moines, Iowa March 17, then move on to one in Fargo the end of March (dates still being set). We are now booking 2018 for guide trips and the phone is ringing so if you plan to fish with us and know your dates get in sooner rather than later.

We also have some other plans in the works so stay tuned for that as spring approaches. The web site is currently being updated for 2018 as well. Thank you and have a great 2018.

September, 23, 2017

It looks as though fall is here. The weather has become cooler and somewhat inconsistent. We are now pretty much on a watch the forecast and play the water temperature game from here on. Looking at the exptended forecast there may be some stability for a last kick at the can on some full day trips the week of October 2, then we will call it a season.

As this is the end of the 2017 season let me say it has been a crazy one to say the least. We broke three boat records this year, number of trips run, number of fish landed (and weight) and also the tagged fish record. It was a year of ups and downs thanks to Mother Nature but we prevailed. She reminded me that she is in control some days but on others, years of experience and note keeping made what could have been a bad day an ok day in the end.

It was also a year of wonderful guests who joined me in the boat. We had people from 15 states this year. We made new friends and got to fish with many old friends. It is all of you that keep this boat on the water and make it such a rewarding career. THANK YOU!

Lastly, we are already booking into 2018. As of right now the calendar is really open but based on calls and inquiries it will start filling up here very soon. braddurick@gmail.com 701-739-5808

August, 31, 2017

I am sorry for the delays, it has been a crazy month on the Red River. The water came up some giving the fish a fresh drink and pick the bite up some. We are catching our fish and some of them have been amazing. We are holding to the averages and sometimes exceding them in the size department.

As we come down the stretch in the last month of the season, we are faced with some potentially great fishing. I have some dates available still so you can get in on this last push. We know where the fish are and we are prepared to catch them. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

July, 21, 2017

WOW is this summer going fast. It is shaping up to be a record breaker in a lot of ways. Fishing is pretty seasonal right now with the numbers coming in about the statistical average. The water is getting very low and spreading out the fish. Frogs are the new bait of choice but the key is still to stay on the move to find active fish with the little current we have to hold them.

I am booked up until the week of August 21, then start to have many openings again into September. There is still time to get in for a catfish trip in 2017.

The next big thing on the agenda is the New I-29 Catfish Classic to be held August 12 and 13 in Grand Forks and Drayton. We still have a lot of room to sign up. For more info go to www.i29classic.com

July, 5, 2017

Sorry for the delay in reports, it has been a crazy time. We survived the last push of June and the Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament. After a little break we are back in action and WOW will it be a busy month. Catfishing is picking up as the weather stabalized some and we got some big rain to freshen things up. The spawn is nearly ended so it is expected that the fishing will be in full swing any day now. The fishing has been LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION meaning you have to move and basically put the bait right on the fish as they have been sitting tight. they should start moving now as the weather and water straighten out.

We are now booking into August and have many dates available still, especially in the second half of the month. The phone is ringing looking for dates so make sure you get yours now. 701-739-5808 or email at braddurick@gmail.com

June, 14, 2017

Well it is that time of year again, the spawn is on. Since my last report we were slammed with hot temperatures and it spiked the water temperature shocking the fish yet again, then sending them to the nest. With that we are still catching fish, just not the average size we were in early to mid May. We have also found bigger fish on another section of river that have been keeping everyone plenty busy and happy with their fishing day.

The schedule is still pretty tight but I do have a few more openings the end of June. I will be attending ICAST in July with Rippin Lips Fishing Products so July will be pretty tight as well. Beginning the 25th or so of July I have many great dates through the end of the season. The spawn will be nothing but a memory by then and there are still many big fish to be caught in the system.

May, 29, 2017

Thanks to Mother Nature things have cooled off quite a bit both in water temperature and fishing. We had a poor day but things are coming around again and we are still catching some really great fish. We have changed tactics from mid-river and fast water to shallow and out of the current or in the channel where the current is less. Water temp is 60 and we still have lots of time left in the pre spawn. Bookings are a bit tight until after June 15th but we still have lots and lots of days open to chase these amazing catfish.

May, 17, 2017

The bite has slowed a tiny bit but the average size seems to better than it was. Simply amazing fishing right now. Best bites are on the soft side of the current in the mid river runs. Any structure in there is holding fish. We are in a bit of a cold front that will last a few days. From what i have seen so far, just sit a little longer and wait for the fish to come to you. We have been sitting 25-45 minutes on spots this week with the best fish coming around minute 20-30. Fresh bait is the key.

May, 9, 2017

The river is perfect and so is the fishing. Big numbers and lots of big fish. We started guiding last week and it has been gangbusters every day. The fish are running in the fast water and sucker is the bait of choice. A big front went through on Monday but doesn't seem to have made a whole lot of difference. Spots for the rest of May and early June are very tight but after June 10th is still open.

I would also like to introduce our new partner, Bugg Products. This company makes the best black fly repelant on the market with Buggins. I have used it in my boat for years to keep the biting black flies off. They also have many other products to protect you from mosquitoes and other pests. I will be releasing more info as time goes on. For more info www.buggproducts.com

April, 23, 2017

WE ARE ON FISH! The flows are nearly perfect and the water temp is still a bit cool but we are on fish. This past week the big fish came in and it will only continue to get better. They are running the faster current on the break lines. They are still using structure to stop and start but it is about to move into full swing. This cold front that hit and is on us this week will slow things some but as soon as we get heat again it will be time to catch catfish.

I still have openings for early and mid-May. There are still many openings in June and beyond so get in on the action while it is setting up to be great. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

April, 04, 2017

Here we go folks, the ice is off the river and the temps are coming up quickly. The water is starting to fall from the last of the runoff. Everything is shaping up for another early year. We will be out mapping and testing some new electronics and gear in the next week or so. Right now the plan is to start guiding May 8th but if things keep on this path we might start a week or so earlier than that.

We are booking up May nicely but after that we have lots of availablity still. 701-739-5808 or braddurick@gmail.com

March, 01, 2017

Interesting spring so far. We had a warm up and we are now having minor flooding under the ice. This bodes well to get in by early May as we were hoping. I just had a great trip to Iowa and Nebraska where I met a lot of people who love catfishing. After that trip the phone is ringing with people looking for dates. We have tons of dates open with a few weekends getting tight. For the best choice get in sooner rather than later.

Here is a recently aired TV show from the Red River with yours truly and Jason Mitchell.


February, 08, 2017

Hello everyone, It is February of 2017 and the spring fever is kicking in. We are already thinking catfishing and we don't get started for three more months. We are just getting started booking 2017 and it should be a another good one. We have dates available all throughout the summer but the phone is ringing and it won't be long until things start to tighten up. If you are thinking about fishing with us in 2017 call 701-739-5808 or email braddurick@gmail.com to start the process of picking the dates that are perfect for your catfishing adventure.


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